RBS Developers, part of the RB Group - is one of the oldest real estate companies in Uttarakhand with their architectural credentials setting them apart from the rest. RBS Developers believes that quality is an absolute priority and excellence makes a difference.

RB Group has delivered the finest residential colonies, duplex units & apartments in Dehra Dun, capturing the imagination of the people. Its masterpiece projects in the state which have been highly acclaimed are Prakash Vihar, Prakash Lok, Doon Enclave, Dev Lok & Sai Lok - all of them landmarks in their own right. The group is now creating yet another masterpiece - ‘NILAYA HILLS Dehra Dun’ , which promises to replicate the beauty and magnificence of its previous projects - only in a more contemporary way.

NILAYA HILLS is a joint venture of RBS Developers Dehra Dun and Bhandari Group - a renowned and reputed business enterprise based in New Delhi. The latter has built the beautiful and magnificent ‘Sterling Bhandari’ condominiums in Chennai along with numerous other real estate projects throughout India. Coming together of these two corporates shall ensure you get a dream home that’s nothing short of a masterpiece.